Last Remarks

The research process I used was very efficient. I luckily could google a question and likely find an article, or study. But the issue is the articles usually leave the question open ended with no clear answer. The fact that most answers to my questions were “theory based” left me empty handed with facts. The author’s could not lie to you, and say this is exactly why this song makes you happy, Because everyone is different. I personally have some songs that make me happy, yet they are about some guys breakup, or they don’t have any words, its all my perception. Music psychology is all based around the individual’s experience. Through my research, if you asked me why, when you listen to this song, You can’t help but smile and dance? I could tell you a general answer from my research. The process also taught me how important it is to focus on all the different aspects of diagnosis, I indirectly chose my topics in the beginning to match. Connection is for the social aspect, Perception is for the Neurological aspect, and Emotion is for the psychological aspect. I realize now after how helpful this was to give me the best outcome of data.

If I had more time to study into this topic I would have been deep into the abyss. There are so many subtopics, yet again. Even after we broke off of our symbaloo, there are still even more things to explore! I think I would study into the neurological side more. That aspect interests me the most, I would try and understand and explain to the class how that actually impacts your brain process in the moment of listening. I would also look into why I think that there is more to music than just your brain, and I could get into the spiritual side.  This would help me answer the question because I could talk about the spiritual effect on a person, and why it gave them the significant of experience.


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