I have focused on answering my question, and I chose specific guidelines to get me to my answer. Everyone is vastly different, and music is a common ground, capable of very powerful connections and experiences. I looked into how powerfully music can bring people together. I explored the emotions and why we experience them when listening to music. And I looked into the aspects of neurology that play a role in the musical experience.  The result of my findings reinforced my understanding of the psychological scientific process, and I was able to answer my question.

When researching I looked for biological aspects, psychological aspects, and social aspects. This reflects onto the diagnosis of certain mentmusic-psychologyal conditions. And looking into all these aspects, gave me a very concrete answer, and supported my beliefs in the answer to the question: Is psychology a science or a pseudoscience? My answers leaded to yet again, yes and no. many of my facts are based on science, while others are based on hardly quantifiable experiments and theories. In the end what I learned about my question was very how music is so powerful. Music has always been a passion for me and I realized rarely do we stop to think what is going on in our brains, why we are experiencing an emotion, and how that car ride with my friends and the stereo blasting will be an unforgettable memory. I now knew why I loved music so much, and why it is such an important part of life, but I now know How.



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